As part of the research project, workshops will be held. All the workshops will be international and directed by executives from different universities working in the field of design. The use of space during the pandemic process is the subject to be investigated during the workshops. At the end of the workshops, the data obtained from the participants will be examined and opened to international discussion.

Notes for Attendees:

  • All our workshops will be online and free of charge.
  • Each workshop is a one-day workshop.
  • The workshops will be announced and carried out in a series.
  • All the participants will be given a certificate of attendance.
  • The attendees can be students in the disciplines listed below:
    • Architecture
    • Interior design
    • Urban design
    • Landscape architecture
    • Industrial Design
    • Arts
    • Other design disciplines


The attendees will be graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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